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Lean Engineering

Lean Engineering

Is Lean Engineering Right for YOU???

  • Do you have time to explore for the optimum design or are you just keeping up with demand?
  • Are you replicating tasks that could be done with a click of a button?
  • Is your production ability hampered by engineering's ability to complete projects on time?
  • Are you worried that the competition is pushing technology beyond your capacity?

Lean Engineering is the continual process to increase the amount of valid engineering data (Engineering Intelligence) produced per dollar invested. It is a concept developed by D3 TECHNOLOGIES to increase the efficiency and horsepower of engineering departments within manufacturing companies and it is integral to our consulting methodology.

The process involves an honest review of the current situation, followed by a series of adjustments to address inefficiencies and/or opportunities for increased value one at a time. Each incremental step is planned out and justified before changes are made. This "success and repeat" method works to gain the confidence of all the team members from top management on down to the base worker.

First, we collaborate with key stake-holders to develop a master plan. This allows us to isolate target areas poised for improvement, prioritize them, and strategically execute on them. The purpose to the Lean Engineering methodology is to increase the amount of valid engineering data (Engineering Intelligence) produced per dollar invested in your engineering assets (People, Processes, & Technologies).

For a broader listing of the individual consulting services offered, see Technical Implementation, Workflow/Design Automation, or Lean Engineering Service Agreement.