Take Advantage of a Special Offer to Switch to Subscription

At time of renewal, you can choose to move to subscription for the same cost as your maintenance plan renewal—or switch to an industry collection at a special price.

When you switch, you secure discount pricing. As long as you continue to renew, you’ll enjoy special pricing, which will be low­er than maintenance plan renewal pricing, and far below the cost of purchasing a new subscription.

How do I get this offer?

When your maintenance plan comes up for renewal, you will have 3 options:

  • Switch an eligible individual product on maintenance to a subscription of the same product
  • Switch an eligible individual product or suite on maintenance to an industry collection subscription
  • Renew your maintenance plan for one year

What are the benefits of switching from maintenance to subscription now?

The price to switch will increase 5% in 2018 and another 5% in 2019, so the earlier you switch to subscription, the less it will cost. Also, switching to subscription brings you:

  • The convenience of charging subscription cost annually to projects
  • Frequent product updates that you can decide when to consume
  • Simpler administration of software when standardizing products on subscription
  • Flexible Usage (Home Use, Global Travel, and Previous Version rights)
  • Cloud Services
  • Administrative Tools
  • Single and multi-user access options


Contact D3, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the options, or attend the webinar to learn more.


Save Up to 40% Off When You Purchase 5 or More Subscriptions to Autodesk Vault

Valid from May 7, 2016 to July 21, 2017

For a limited time, save up to 40% off when you purchase 5 or more new subscriptions of Autodesk Vault Office, Autodesk Vault Workgroup or Autodesk Vault Professional.

Contact D3 to take advantage of this offer.

Get the Latest Version of AutoCAD LT. Save Up to 50% for a Limited Time

Valid from May 1st to July 21st, 2017

AutoCAD LT 2018 has more powerful drafting tools, increased performance and ease of use, and improved support for devices such as 4K monitor, tablets and mobile phones to help you simplify, connect and personalize your AutoCAD software experience.

For a limited time, buy or renew a subscription to AutoCAD LT or an Autodesk LT family product and get a second subscription at 50% off.

With subscription you get better value, easier access, and improved flexibility - including:

  • Home Use, Global Travel, and Previous Version Rights
  • Administrative Tools
  • Access to the latest versions as they are released

Hurry, offer ends July 21, 2017..


Contact D3 to take advantage of this offer.

HUGE Discount on 3D Printer (Demo Unit)

D3 is selling a 3D Systems ZPrinter 450 at a huge discount. This printer is in "like new" condition and only very slightly used.

ZPrinter 450

  • Prints Multi-Color Parts
  • Advantages to this technolgoy are speed, cost per cubic inch and color. Unused material is recycled for reuse.
  • Standard Price: $44,995
    Our Price: $29,995

Contact D3 to take advantage of this offer.

AutoCAD Now As Low as $1,400/Year

If you haven't checked out pricing lately, take a look!

Access the powerful design tools in AutoCAD for as low as $1,400/year, a 17% decrease in price from earlier this year.

Autodesk offers a selection of CAD software that includes the core functionality of AutoCAD 2017 with features designed for specific professional purposes including architectural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.

System   Price/Year
AutoCAD   $1,400
AutoCAD Family:   $1,575
      - AutoCAD MAP 3D
      - AutoCAD P&ID
      - AutoCAD Mechanical
      - AutoCAD Electrical
      - AutoCAD Architecture
      - AutoCAD MEP
AutoCAD Civil 3D   $2,100
AutoCAD Plant 3D   $2,270

Still not sure which AutoCAD product is right for you? Check out this handy comparison chart to learn more.

Contact D3 to find the AutoCAD that's right for you and take advantage of these new affordable prices.