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"Even when I know I'm asking a basic CAD question, I never feel like a D3 technician is talking down to me or rolling his/her eyes behind the scenes. They are always respectful and courteous... It is truly appreciated.Once again, truly outstanding service. Really appreciated the YouTube video that was a customized how to. That's above and beyond."

- Thedford, NE Manufacturer

"Look, all I know is that D3's the only one I call for help! Bottom line! Why say more?"

- Newport, AR Manufacturer

"I have been working with Cad and Cad Support for several decades. My experience with Cad support has left me frustrated in the past. My experience with D3 is totally opposite. The best way to describe it is to say that D3 takes my Cad problems and make it their Cad problems which they solve quickly and efficiently. This is a new and refreshing experience for us. Glad that you guys are in the Dallas area."

- Johan Van Zyl, ABS Blast, Garland, TX

"D3 has always provided prompt, accurate solutions to Cad related issues. They have always presented themselves as courteous professionals with a genuine interest in solution your problems. Your problem is their problem. I would recommend them to anyone!! "

- Michael O'Flannagan, Lag Design Custom Wood Doors, Seneca, KS

"Its the next best thing to having someone knowledgeable about the software in the same room with you. "

- Volkan Kebeli, Grand Island, Kansas City, MO

"I have been very impressed with the support I have recieved from D3. I have called several times. Sometimes D3 had the solution and sometimes not. But each time I recieved a call the next day or an e-mail with additional solutions to our problem. I felt like they were an extension of our company and concidered our problems to be theirs. Extremely satisfied in the support I get. "

- Skip Jackson, Sandy Inc., Lenexa, KS

"You guys are topnotch! Glad we have teamed up with you!"

- Rick Johnson, Electro Acoustics, Fort Worth, TX

"D3 is the most dependable and fast tech support I have used. I get a PERSON very fast and they are always able to help my issues. "

- Justin Mott, Westar Energy, Topeka, KS

"The attention by the customer service agent was superb. They understood the problem, responded in a timely fashion and resolved the issue promptly. I was very impressed with how clear they were on their instructions, it made it that much easier to get the issue resolved and move forward."

- Doug Gentry, Tower Metal Works Inc., Maple Hill, KS

"D3 solved an issue that no one else could in 16 months. I can now use what we paid for."

- Todd Maere, Hovey Williams Timmons & Collins, Overland Park, KS

"The support that I receive every time I contact D3 technical support has always been the best experience. When dealing with an issue stopping work flow, it can be very frustrating. The service specialists have always handled it with the upmost professionalism and correct the problem quickly. Highest ratings again. Thank you D3!"

- Jennifer Hathcoat, Ruhrpumpen, Inc, Tulsa, OK

"D3 online support has been an invaluable tool for myself and others at work. I don't sweat the issues that arise while learning the new software because I always know D3 will get me through. Techs are patient, thorough and very tolerant. I need the tolerant part. When you're large on need and small on experience these folks are invaluable."

- James Taylor, Zeeco, Broken Arrow, MO

"I am very satisfied with the support I received from D3 Technologies. I asked them what can be done on my end to bring my 2D into 3D levels and they gave me multiple options on what to do. I appreciate their advice and am now ordering the upgrade to my version. They really know what they are talking about and if they are stumped on one thing, they will find the answer. Good Job!"

- John Allen, Mondi, Jackson, MO

"D3 Tech Support is very good. The response is quick and helpful. The Support Personnel are knowledgeable on the issues and provide sound recommendations."

- Stephen Kesler, Westar Inc, Rifle, CO

"No reason to wander around clueless or inefficent. D3 support is the efficent and professional solution."

- Michael Brazil, Tension Envelope Corporation, Kansas City, MO

"Once again D3 came through. Even helped with a hotfix for 3 hours on a Saturday night to keep from interrupting."

- Kevin Frye, Central Moloney, Inc, Pine Bluff, AR

"IT work can be frustrating at times and it is an added benefit when tech support responds not only in a timely manner, but strives to make sure ALL questions are answered before terminating the support case. James, Dan, Michael, Kevin, and in fact EVERY PERSON at D3Technologies that I have worked with, do that each and every time. Highly recommended."

- Dexter Williams, Wear-Concepts, Inc, Liberty, MO

"Our experience with D3 Technologies has been a win-win situation"

- Arturo (Art) Sherrard, Valveworks USA, Bossier City, LA

"Every time I have needed assistance the support has been very timely and excellent. In the past I have been hesitant to pay for support of any kind, but clearly the support that D3 provides is well worth the price."

- B.L. Oates, Mingo Manufacturing, Owasso, OK

"D3 listened to our issue, did a lot of research, replicated the issue on their machine and tested the fix before asking us to try it. Thanks for a job well done (and quickly too)."

- John Marshall, F&H Food Equipment, Springfield, MO

"D3's help saved me hours, if not days, of work."

- Rick Hendrix, Conceptual Designs, LLC, Jonesboro, AR

"I am very satisfied with D3 and everyone that I have spoken to so far. Great company with fantastic employees! Thank you! "

- Jennifer Baker, Ruhrpumpen, Inc., Tulsa, OK

"D3 is consistently there to answer our questions in a timely manner. We are very satisfied with the support we have received from D3."

- Alex Edwards, Trec, Casper, WY

"[D3's Training Course] is the kind of class colleges should teach. I learned more in a week than I learned in 2 and a half months in school. The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer almost every question we had. I truly enjoyed this class and hope to experience more like it."

- Stuart Ratliff, Matrix Service Company, Tulsa, OK

"D3 always amazes me at how vast their technical knowledge is over a wide scale of product software. "

- Robert Letterman, Custom MetalCraft, Springfield, MO

"D3 was able to very quickly and accurately diagnose the source of my problem and provide me with an easy solution. I think it took me longer to explain my problem to them than it took for them to solve it. I will not hesitate to use them in the future."

- Brian Kirk, CRC Evans, Tulsa, OK